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Pasquotank River View From Elizabeth City, NC It's Time For A Change A New Perspective Dr MONCLA's MISSION Practicing Physician Locally Since 2005 A Native Of Pasquotank County About Dr Moncla

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It is time for a new perspective. It is time for a change. Dr Paul Moncla is running for the CommUnity, with emphasis on Education, Public Safety, Business Growth, Taxes and Spending and Opportunity for all to prosper.

Dr Moncla's HISTORY

About Dr Paul Moncla

Dr Moncla's HISTORY

A Pasquotank native, Paul grew up in Elizabeth City, attended public school and graduated from Northeastern High School in 1987.

Dr Moncla's MISSION

Issues & Priorities for Dr Moncla

Dr Moncla's MISSION

Dr Moncla will promote a cleaner Harbor Of Hospitality and will strive for a better future for our CommUnity.


Get To Know Dr Paul Moncla


See photos from Dr Moncla's office and home including his degrees and certifications, special drawings and awards, memorabilia, and family photos.

December 2020 Monthly Meeting

Join Pasquotank County Republican Party members for the monthly meeting at 7pm at The Villa Restaurant at 846 Halstead Boulevard in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

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The Villa Restaurant, 846 Halstead Blvd December 1, 2020
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